Worship Arts

In the Worship Arts and Technical Ministries, we strive to create atmospheres where people encounter God and find their place as Jesus’ disciples. We do this through creativity, collaboration, and servant hearts; throughout the week in different spaces and times, and all in unity under Jesus’ call on our lives.


Praise Choir is a great place to use your voice to help make great music and lead others in worship.
Rehearsals are 7:00-8:30pm every Thursday from September 13 until December 6, and resuming January 10 through April 25. The choir will sing approximately twice a month (dates TBA).

For more information, please contact Ken Dosso.


There are a variety of worship environments to engage in at E-Free. If you’re interested in sharing your musical skills, we have opportunities in our Worship Centre (9:15 & 11:00), Traditions, Church@6, youth worship (Tuesdays & Wednesdays through the year) and more.

For more information on the Worship Centre, contact Ken Dosso.
For Traditions and Church at 6 contact Josh Raine.
For Kids Zone and Youth Ministries, contact Ken Dosso.


In all our worship environments, sound, lighting and projection plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere of worship. It’s also important for everyone to hear and see!

If you’re interested in learning about the technical systems we use and in joining the team, please contact Mike Dosso.


We regularly need 3 camera operators and a video switch manager every Sunday and we’d love to have you join our team.

We are live streaming our 9:15am service to the Traditions service and publicly streaming our 11:00 AM service on the internet. If you’re interested in being a part of this team, please contact Mike Dosso, Director of Technical Ministries.

Video Editing & Studio Engineering 

If you have a technical bent, creative flair, and are a proficient video editor or recording engineer (or are interested and willing to learn!), this could be a great fit for you. 

This ministry area is project-based and opportunities are spread throughout the year. For more info, contact Mike Dosso. 


Throughout the year, we use the creative arts to celebrate as a church family. From Christmas to Easter and throughout the year, we use the arts to clearly speak truths of the Gospel into the lives of everyone who joins us at our special events. 

We celebrate together through music, drama, spoken word, visual arts, stage design, and technical arts. If you’re interested in serving with your passions and skills, be in touch with Ken Dosso or Josh Raine. 


We use engaging, thoughtfully designed displays to enhance our worship and teaching times, both for adults and for youth and kids. 

If you enjoy design, or want to learn the art so you can serve in this way, we’d love to have you join the team. Please contact Mike Dosso for further information. 


When our lives intersect with Jesus we express and experience creatively, seek to share our stories through our personal media, and highlight the places redemption lives. We meet monthly to create, collaborate and grow through our art. 

Whether your outlet is visual arts, theatre, music, writing, horticulture or more, Josh Raine would love to hear your thoughts about art and faith!