When God is Silent – The Silent Times

Posted on: October 23rd, 2016 by E-Free Lethbridge

The Silent Times

Those seven silent days
Job’s friends saw suffering, grief.
While they did hold their peace
God did not bring relief. (Job 2:13)

Those nine months slowly passed.
He didn’t say one word
But mulled over all that
God promised and ensured. (Lk.1:13, 20, 64-65)

Those thirteen years enslaved
The heavens seemed like brass.
Joseph was true to God
Though all seemed an impasse. (Gn.37:2; 41:46)

Four silent centuries
No hope for any change
The bondage without end
The thought of God grew strange. (Gn.15:13)

Three hours upon the cross
Abandoned, all alone,
He died for all mankind
And did for sin atone. (Mk.15:33)

Those times were bleak and dark
So heavy, fraught with pain,
They never seemed to end
And every hope did strain.

Durations don’t compare.
The present does preside;
The silence palpable;
The past and future hide.

God’s promise He does keep;
His plan nothing can thwart;
His timetable abstruse;
His glory won’t fall short.

by Ken Lievers (February 5, 2013)

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