When God is Silent – Poem by Ken Lievers

Posted on: November 6th, 2016 by E-Free Lethbridge

When God is Silent
Jb.30:20; Ps.22:1-3; 73:25

In tearful prayer I sought the face of God,
The agony contorting all my soul
Time and again, abject before His throne
In faith, yielding to His divine control.
And yet, the deafening silence seemed austere.
Did all my heartfelt words not reach His ear?
Did God now speak and I just didn’t hear?
Does some sin block the way and interfere?

Anthropomorphic thoughts entered my mind.
Is God distant or me too far away?
Is He forming good answer to provide?
Is silence criticizing what I say?
Is it preferred to amphigoric word?
Does it express a scorn of what I’ve slurred?
Or is silence consent and He’s concurred?
Does He expect persistence undeterred?

Silence strengthens my God’s authority
Though both be misinterpreted by me.
It’s inescapably a form of speech
Yet puts any misquoting out of reach.
Emotions flood my soul and fluctuate;
Terror, despair, desertion all conflate.
I only hear in changing shades of grey;
The space between the notes just seems to splay.

While I’m bewildered in this wilderness
I sing lament that’s in a minor key.
Disoriented by what I perceive
I turn to promises He’s made to me.
Bombarded by dark maelstrom of doubts
I cling to faith though battered by debris.
Time stretches on as I still listen to
The sound of silence, an eternity.

Does absence of reply make heart grow fond
Of words that He has said and man has penned?
Does thirst unquenched mean that I soon will find
Refreshment, living water without end?
Is suffering the best way to refine
My character, Christ-likeness to portend?
Does scarcity and my longing for more
Mean redirection to what does transcend?

When I come to the point I realize
That I most want the Giver, not the gift,
That I do pine for Him down deep within,
That hunger, thirst in times I am adrift
Will find their satisfaction in my God,
Then suddenly I find my soul does lift.
The silence is not deprivation but
Anticipation that makes focus shift.

The silence now is closeness we enjoy,
Comfortable, sign of intimacy,
Loving communion with no need for words,
An understanding of His constancy,
His faithfulness, His wisdom, power and grace,
Patiently waiting on His sovereignty.
Silence is wonderful to listen to
In inexpressible propinquity.

by Ken Lievers, October 6, 2016

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