Update: May 3, 2015

Posted on: May 3rd, 2015 by Christy Jansma


Good Morning Church,


It’s been three weeks since our world turned upside down. We are just now recovering from the shock, and discovering a new normal. Connie is in the middle of five radiation treatments, and with minimal side effects. She is able to be home for a few hours at a time on a pass. Ian will ease back into church responsibilities this week, recognizing that Connie is his first priority. Meanwhile the staff continue to serve with distinction. Ian remains “in the loop”, receiving updates on church life on a need to know basis. We could not be more proud of our staff team. We are reminded again that the church belongs to no one but to Christ, who said “I will build my church.” We, leaders and staff, are stewards of this local expression of the body of Christ.


In the midst of this storm we are extremely thankful on so many levels. Over these weeks we are overwhelmed by three recurring realities.


     1. We are grateful for your amazing support for us and our family. You are the hands and feet of Jesus to us. We are overwhelmed by your thoughtful comments in cards, emails, and text messages. Your tangible expressions of love is astounding to us. You are fulfilling the mandate of Hebrews 10:25 with your encouragements. Please extend your love to others in the family, beyond us, as Jeremy taught us last Sunday. That brings us great joy and satisfaction.


     2. We are grateful for the remarkable medical team surrounding us. Connie has received the best of care. Many of you have gone above and beyond the call of duty. It feels as if you are omnipresent in the hospital. Everywhere we go we see you and it encourages us. We are thinking we should host a gathering for all CRH employees in our church and introduce you to each other! Those of you who serve our community in health care have a valuable ministry.


     3. We are grateful for the underlying peace of God which really does surpass all human explanation (Phil 4:7). This is not an easy journey for us. While there is a real and underlying peace in our hearts, we are often overcome by disappointment and sadness. We have so many unfilled plans and dreams for the next chapter of our lives. The possibility that these may not be realized is painful for both of us.


We recognize that every day of life is a gift from God. We are trusting God for the miracle of added days. That is our prayer. Thank you for joining us in that. The medical prognosis for Connie is not encouraging, and we are trying to embrace that. At the same time we are praying that Connie will be strong enough to enjoy Ruth’s wedding in July, followed by the birth of Ben and Kristen’s baby and our anniversary at the end of the month. Then we look ahead to the new ministry year of WOW Bible Studies and the Women’s Christmas Outreach. We have dreams to visit our kids and grandkids. We are trying to learn what is means when the psalmist prayed: “Lord, teach us to number our days.”


Please join us in praying:
     – that Connie can complete radiation treatments with few adverse effects
     – that Ian will find equilibrium between the his two loves: Connie and church
     – that God will intervene to reverse the cancer and bring healing


Because Christ lives,
Ian and Connie


(This message is an expansion of what Ian attempted to share this morning in person.)

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