Update: June 10, 2015

Posted on: June 10th, 2015 by Christy Jansma

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers for us. We value it deeply. It is like a stream of water in a dry and parched landscape. There is little news to share as we remain in “God’s waiting room”. Please pray for patience and peace.

Connie has graduated from the walker to the use of a cane. This is encouraging and allows more mobility. We are discovering that she needs to pace herself. After attending a wedding and reception on Saturday she needed two days to recover. We are very attentive to every physical change and to any new pain that presents itself. We continue to hope, and pray, that Connie will be able to fully engage and enjoy Ruth’s wedding just one month away.

We have eight appointments to the end of June – physiotherapy, CT scan, bone scan, palliative, oncology. During this time the biopsy from April’s surgery will be tested for admissibility to molecular therapy. There is a 20% chance that her type of cancer qualifies for this targeted treatment. Please pray with us for endurance, and for good news in the outcomes.

It would be wrong for us to pretend that all this is easy. It really is difficult, and at times seems almost unbearable. It is true that we are beginning to feel like this is a “new normal” and embrace it by God’s grace. A recent card from an acquaintance reflects our experience: “Although life has not been how I envisioned it, I do see God’s hand continually weaving strands of His mercy and grace throughout our lives. He is continually teaching me to trust Him – I’m not always a good student!” A recent text message from a friend resonates truth: “I continue to pray for you in the midst of a difficult reality and then remember that even prayer does not necessary make it less difficult; but it does re-focus us and remind us of our anchor – our Blessed Lord Jesus.”

Choosing to trust the Risen Christ,
Ian and Connie

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