Update: July 15, 2015

Posted on: July 15th, 2015 by Christy Jansma

Dear Church Family,

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”. God answered your prayers for us and we are exceedingly grateful. The wedding was an emotionally charged event from so many points of view. Thank you for engaging with us fully in so much of our lives. Luke’s Ontario clan were amazed at the level of support we receive from you. They expressed repeated appreciation for the way you have embraced their son into our church community.

Connie was stronger than in a very long time and able to fully engage the entire weekend of celebrations. There were a few anxious hours in the days leading up to the big day when she became weaker. The palliative team quickly engaged, identified the issues, and were able to stabilize her blood sugar. Walking down the aisle on Luke’s arm (without a cane or walker) was a highlight. This is precisely what we asked you to pray for. We are reminded of the goodness of God.

LukeRuthCeremIan was thrilled to escort Ruthie down the aisle to meet her devoted Luke, albeit with tear-filled eyes. With several pauses, attempting to hold back the emotions, he was able to complete the ceremony and pronounce them “husband and wife”. We were delighted with the Christ-centered, God-honoring ceremony, including worship singing and a foot washing. That was a wedding idea we’d never witnessed before, but was a picture of Luke’s devotion to Ruth. They are well suited for each other and we are so grateful that the Lord was pleased to bring them together.

We are pleased that Connie’s illness did not cast a long shadow over their wedding, as we had asked you to pray. The honeymooners are in Jamaica for the coming week. Now we pray that this week and the coming months will be a great beginning to a lifetime together. You, our church, have been so significant in partnering with us as parents in Ruthie’s life. Thank you for your part.

At this writing Connie remains strong and alert, and we are thankful. We hosted a brunch on our deck for more than 100 extended family on both sides. Rebekah and Rachel, and their families, will remain in Lethbridge for much of the summer. How that encourages us and offers a welcome distraction as we ease back into our “new routine” of dealing with the cancer. We have more medical appointments through the month with an anticipated start to chemotherapy at the end of July.

While praying “Lord, teach us to number our days” we have several immediate events:

• Birth of Kristen (and Ben’s) baby
• Ruth and Luke’s return and the gift opening with the Watson family
• Our 39th wedding anniversary on July 31
• Quality time with our grandchildren during these weeks

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. We attest to the power of prayer, and invite you to continue. It has been so good to put the cancer realities behind for a short time and focus on living life, as God originally designed. While dealing with the next steps in this journey we entrust ourselves to our Heavenly Father.

With grateful hearts,
Ian and Connie


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