Update: January 23, 2016

Posted on: January 23rd, 2016 by Christy Jansma

Dear Church,

It appears that Connie is in her final days with us. A new pain pump allows self-administered morphine, as needed. She is completely immobile and has difficulty finding a comfortable position. The windows of alertness and conversation are fewer and narrower. Each evening I kneel by her bed to pray for her, and us. She has expressed clearly that she is “finished”. Her recurring prayer is that she would pass into the presence of Christ in her sleep. She now looks ahead with anticipation to waking up “in the arms of Jesus”. Would you enter into that prayer with us?

It’s been a year since her stumble on the stairs that fractured her femur, caused by an unknown cancerous tumour on the bone. It’s been a slow and steady decline over these 52 weeks. Our palliative doctor said it well this week: “I see it as the grace of God to let Connie go gently.” Thank you for standing with us in so many ways through this journey. Most of all, thank you for your prayers that have carried us so well. Thank you for the leave of absence, permitting me to give my attention to Connie during these sacred days. We love you deeply. You are the arms and feet of Christ to us. How can we say thanks?

Please do not allow this news to cast a shadow over your corporate worship on the Lord’s Day. Don’t let us be the primary focus of your attention. When the church gathers on Sundays, the object is the risen Christ who alone is worthy of praise. He is our only hope, both for today and for eternity.

Because Christ Lives,
Ian (on behalf of Connie)

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