Congregational Survey Summary

Posted on: March 23rd, 2018 by Christy Jansma

In January and February 2018, our congregation was invited to participate in a survey  to help the Search Committee understand what our church looks like now, what our vision is for the future, to find the right Lead Pastor, and to provide useful information for the new Lead Pastor when he begins his ministry with us. Our deepest thanks to the 500 people who shared their feedback and comments with such thoughtful consideration. We are encouraged by your responses and comments, which will be used alongside other resources as we collaborate with the board to craft a job description. Thank you for praying with us as we continue to seek God’s guidance in the search for our new Lead Pastor.

Note: The following is a summary of the survey results and do not include analysis of the “Comments” section of the survey.


Overview of Survey Respondents


• 60% female and 40% male
• Country of Origin: Canada = 89%, with respondents also from:  Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe
• 62% members and 38% non-members
• 83% felt membership was important
• 73% of respondents volunteered in church
• 47% of respondents volunteer in the community


Top Reasons Respondents Attend E-Free


• 74% feel that our church strengthens their faith
• 56% feel that our church strengthens their family, 35% felt it does to some extent
• 51% said they are being discipled in their walk with Christ, 42% say they are to some extent


Top things Our Congregation Feels Characterize Our Church


These are the top ten results.  Respondents were asked to choose their top 5, so percentages reflect a summary of their five choices.

Additional results:
• 66% feel they are learning and growing as a result of the Biblical teaching, 30% say they are to some extent
• 74% feel confident in the staff led team, 21% say they are to some extent
• 66% are aware of opportunities to use their gifts in the church, 27% say they are to some extent
• 40% say they use their gifts at E-Free, 41% say they do to some extent
• 42% say E-Free is meeting needs in the community, 53% say we are to some extent
• 46% say they feel the name of our church reflects who we are, 41% say it does to some extent


Top Attributes Desired in the New Lead Pastor


• 36% feel the age of our new lead pastor doesn’t matter, 25% prefer age 30-45, 34% prefer age 46-55
• 55% feel the marital status of the new Lead Pastor does not matter, 44% prefer married with children

Have questions or comments? Feel free to contact Sid Bergsma, Search Committee Chairperson, or any member of the committee.

To view more survey results, click here. 

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