Past AC Projects

For ten Christmas seasons, E-Free has been a part of the Advent Conspiracy. Here’s an overview of some of our past projects.


Compassion Canada: Supporting Children in Nicaragua

Compassion partners with the local church in 25 countries to end poverty in the lives of children and their families. For this Advent Conspiracy, we gave in support of two projects designed to help families living in poverty. The Child Survival Program (CSP) is facilitated through a local church in the city of Leon. This project ensures that babies and their mothers survive and thrive in this region. The Safe Learning Conditions Project is facilitated through churches at two separate locations: El Viejo and Maderas Negras. The goal of the project is to construct safe and healthy classrooms at each of their Compassion centres. This will ensure that children will be able to learn in classrooms that are not open to the elements, eat nutritious meals prepared in appropriate kitchens, and have proper sanitation and hygiene stations.

Poverty Intervention Fund: Lethbridge School District No. 51

Lethbridge has the highest child poverty rate in Alberta, with 1 in 5 children living in low-income households. The Poverty Intervention Fund works to meet these real needs in our city. The fund ensures that children are cared for by providing food, personal hygiene items, and assistance. Schools may apply to access the fund for items such as instruments to allow students to learn music, basic kitchen supplies and groceries to teach basic cooking skills, classroom tools to help students manage stress and increase focus, and board games that help develop social skills and build relationships. As a result of our giving, the committee has launched a pilot project, Weekends and More. The project sends students home for the weekend with a backpack that includes snacks as well as two simple recipes, the non-perishables required, and a $25 gift card to Superstore/No-Frills to cover fresh items. The project helps teach basic life skills such as cooking, nutrition, and shopping, while providing food for students and their families.

Mennonite Central Committee Canada

MCC works with partners in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria to do all that they can with our gifts to meet refugees’ needs in the name of Christ. In the region MCC has 27 ongoing projects delivering emergency relief. Through their partners they are providing food and rent assistance as well as essential items such as relief and hygiene kits, clothing, and kitchen supplies. MCC is also supporting peace-building work, education for displaced children, trauma healing, and providing supplies to keep people warm in the coming winter.

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse has a multinational team of personnel on the ground in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Greece, as well as helping refugees who are still in the Middle East. They are supporting trusted, local Christian partners in several countries with the aim of facilitating as many intersections between them and refugees as possible—offering a variety of physical relief and the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our donations enable them to supply shelter materials, food, vocational supplies, household supplies and more to people who often have nothing when they arrive.

YWCA Harbour House

Harbour House is a crisis unit in Lethbridge for women and children involved in abusive relationships. In 2013, our Advent Conspiracy provided support for some simple renovations, as well as providing support for families in crisis.

 International Justice Mission (IJM)

IJM is a global organization protecting the poor from violence throughout the developing world. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems.

Compassion Canada 

Compassion partners with the local church in 26 countries to end poverty in the lives of children and their families.  In 2010, we supported the Child Survival program for new mothers in Thailand.

Serving In Mission (SIM)

SIM is an interdenominational mission with over 2,000 missionaries serving in more than 50 countries. Our 2009 Advent Conspiracy supported a program for at-risk infants in Langano, Ethiopia.


Water School empowers communities through sustainable water treatment, sanitation, and hygiene education, giving people access to clean water for life.

Other Ministry Partners of EFCL:

Lethbridge Pregnancy Care Centre
Southern Alberta Bible Camp
Streets Alive
Truth Matters