April 19: Elisha and Naaman

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Unit 13, Session 4: Elisha and Naaman

Naaman was sick with a skin problem. Elisha told Naaman to wash seven times in the Jordan River. It wasn’t the “cure” Naaman was expecting, but his disease went away when he washed in the river. All people are sick with a sin problem. They need a Healer. When we trust Jesus as Lord and Savior, God forgives our sin and heals us.

We find recorded in 2 Kings 5 the story of Naaman and Elisha the prophet…

Naaman was the commander of the army of Aram (who were enemies of Israel).

What disease did Naaman have? (2 Kings 5: 1)

Who suggested that “the prophet who is in Samaria” could help Naaman?(2 Kings 5: 3)

Did Naaman follow her advice? (2 Kings 5: 5)

Who did Naaman go to see first in Israel?(2 Kings 5: 6)

What was the Kings response to Naaman’s request?(2 Kings 5: 7)

Elisha sent word to the King of Israel saying that he could help Naaman. (2 Kings 5: 8)

What did Elisha ask Naaman to do to be healed?(2 Kings 5: 10)

Did Naaman listen to him? How did he feel about this request?(2 Kings 5:11-14)

Was Naaman healed?(2 Kings 5:14)

Naaman offered Elisha a gift in exchange for his healing, did Elisha accept this payment?(2 Kings 5:15- 19)

Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, did not think that this was right. What did Gehazi do?(2 Kings 5: 20-24)

Did Gehazi answer Elisha truthfully about what he had done?(2 Kings 5:25-26)

What happened to Gehazi because of his untruthfulness?(2 Kings 5: 27)

This record of Naaman and Elisha, shows God’s power and and also his care for even those who are outside of Israel. Israel in the Old Testament is talked about as the people of God. This does not mean that God’s blessing is only for the people of Israel. All through out the Old Testament we get glimpses of God welcoming people from outside the nation of Israel if they will recognize that Yaweh, is the one true God.  This account of Naaman and the prophet Elisha is one such occurrence. This passage is also another reminder about the importance of honesty. Elisha had made a decision not to accept any money or gift from Naaman for his healing. Healing came from the LORD and to Him only should be the praise. But Gehazi thought better of this. He went and asked Naaman for silver and clothing. The result of this action, and his dishonesty to Elisha was that Gehazi also was struck down with leprosy.

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