Kids Zone Guests

Our Kids Zone staff are here to make you and your child feel welcome. We want your child’s time with us to be one of the best hours of their week! If you have any questions about our church, programs, or policies please feel free to ask.

• If you’re able, try to arrive about 15 minutes early to check in your child and help them settle in. The children’s wing is located in the northwest corner of our building. There is ample parking on the north side of the building, with an entrance directly to the Kids Zone Lobby.

• We use a database and numbered name tag system to ensure your kids are safe and matched up with the right adult at the end of their time with us. Your first stop will be to sign your child in at the Kids Zone desk and receive an ID sticker. From there, you will be directed to their class and meet their small group leader.

• Your child will participate in games, worship, stories, and crafts with their group. At the end of the service, pick up your child with your ID sticker.

• If your child needs you at any time during the service, their ID number will display on the LED screens in the worship centre and gym.

• You are welcome to join in with your child’s group at any time.

Contact Sarah Viejou (Interim Director of Preschool Ministries) or Matthew Pauls (Director of Elementary Ministries) for more information.