January 26, 2014: The Tabernacle

Posted on: January 24th, 2014 by Christy Jansma

 The Tabernacle Was Built

Dear Parents,

Talk about your church with your kids. What makes your church unique? Do you meet in a traditional church building structure, or do you meet in a more temporary place? The tabernacle was built as a temporary structure used to worship God and to house His presence. God’s presence would lead the nation of Israel, and they would follow. Whenever His presence would stop, the tabernacle would be set up for worship.

The tabernacle in the Old Testament was the physical place where God’s Spirit dwelled as the Israelites journeyed to the land God had promised Abraham. The tabernacle gives us a clear picture of God’s desire to dwell with His people and to be worshipped by them. The word tabernacle means “to dwell.” To show in the New Testament God’s desire for dwelling with His people has not ended, He sent Jesus to tabernacle (dwell) with people on earth.

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