Church at 6


Meeting Time: Sundays at 6:00 pm
Location: Gym

Church at 6 is a service of E-Free Lethbridge – we’re a community encouraging people towards authentic relationship with Jesus and each other. As with all of the other services at E-Free, our worship and teaching is Christ focused and Bible based. We have a casual but engaging environment where people can come to grow in their understanding of God and their journey with Him and others. We serve coffee, tea, and other drinks at the back, text in questions and do Q&A with the preacher, dress casually, and sing together every week.

We’ve got lots of young adults and young families who regularly attend church at 6, but you’ll find people from all ages and walks of life at the service. Come check us out – I’d love to meet you and welcome you in person to Church at 6!

What’s up for the kids?

We’ve got a fantastic and secure Kids Zone for children in nursery and preschool. While children are always welcome in our worship services, our Kids Zone programming is designed to introduce them to Jesus, help understand His unconditional love for them, and encourage them to be Jesus followers for life.  Visit our Kids Zone page to learn more.

During the summer, volunteer permitting, we offer the following programming for children:

  • 9:00 am |  Age 0 to 5 available for the whole service, grades 1-5 during the message only
  • 11:00 am | Age 0-2 available, as well as preschool classes as volunteer availability allows
  • 6:00 pm  | Age 0–2 as volunteer availability allows, preschool classes as volunteer availability allows 

Please check here for up-to-date information. Activity boxes are provided for children participating in the worship services.


Luke Watson
Site Pastor for Church at 6
Director of Young Adults