Global Missionaries

This year, our church will collaborate with missionaries and missions agencies based in eleven different countries. Some of our missions work will be focused on youth and immigrants in Canada, while others will support ministry in Africa, Europe and Japan, as well as Central and South America. Several of our partners are also engaged in ministry with expansive reach, such as Bible translation and distance learning.


BUTES, Brian & Eveleen
Diriamba, Carazo, NICARAGUA
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)
Ministry: Enruta  |

Enruta works in partnership with local churches to engage, equip, and empower Christian leaders who help improve economic, spiritual and social conditions in their communities.

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DUBBERS, Todd & Kylie
(Cassidy, Titus, Ella)
Kijabe, KENYA
Sending Agency: Africa Inland Mission
Ministry: Rift Valley Academy (RVA)  |

Rift Valley Academy is a school for missionary kids. They strive to educate and disciple students towards their potential in Christ, and are serving 500 students from over 20 different countries.

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ELLIOTTS, Lane and Sherri
(Alexis, Jemma, Noah, Jackson, Judeson)
Calgary – Red Deer Corridor, Alberta
Sending Agency: Serving In Mission (SIM) |

The Elliotts give witness to Christ’s love and make disciples who express God’s love by reaching immigrants who are settling in the Calgary – Red Deer corridor in Alberta.

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GREINERS, Brent and Carol Ann
Bruay la Brussière, FRANCE
Sending Agency: OM France
Ministry: Le Temple Baptiste Bruay-la-Buissière |

OM wants to see vibrant communities of Jesus-followers around the world and the Greiners are leading the only Protestant Church in a region populated by 90,000 people in Northern France.

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IWATA, Yuji and Eri
(Shintaro, Mizuki, Aki)
Chiba, JAPAN
Sending Agency: Mission to the World Japan (MTW Japan)
Ministry: Oyumino Christ Church (OCC) / Covenant Community School International (CCSI) | |

MTW plants churches worldwide and Yuji helps lead two congregations of Japan’s Oyumino Christ Church. Eri teaches at an MTW Christian school, which serves their local missionaries.

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JANKES, Dwayne and Margaret
Wycliffe Head Office, Calgary, ALBERTA, CANADA
Sending Agency: Wycliffe |
Ministry: Wycliffe Communications

Wycliffe translates God’s Word among minority language communities worldwide. Dwayne supports this work by preparing quality media that challenges Canadian Christians to be involved.

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LITTLES, Dale & Ann
Tokyo, JAPAN
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)
Ministry: Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC)  |

The Littles planted the culturally diverse Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC), which has multiple language-specific worship services. Dale is also a professor for seminaries in Japan and Canada.

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MILLERS, Jason and Andrea
(Elijah, Korban, Simeon, Lazarus, Boaz)
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)
Ministry: Faith Academy |

Faith Academy is a Christian School that provides K-12 education for children of missionaries. Jason teaches junior high and Andrea swimming to help form Christ-like, lifelong learners.

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PEACHEYS, Rich & Lynn
Kandern, GERMANY
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)
Ministry: Black Forest Academy (BFA) |

The Black Forest Academy (BFA) is a school for missionary kids and the Peachey’s give oversight to BFA’s boarding program, which supports approximately 100 students.

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PENNERS, Myron and Jodi
(Abigail, Sophia, Isabella)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BOLIVIA
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)
Ministry: Novo |

Myron founded Novo, a ministry that equips national Christian Bolivian leaders to treat addictions issues in their communities. Jodi has a unique ministry among Bolivian musicians.

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PIKES, Gordon and Norma
Serves Latin America (Based in USA)
Sending Agency: Reach Global
Ministry: ProMETA |

ProMETA is a distance education program that trains Christian leaders for the church in Latin American. Gordon oversees the Pastoral Counselling Program and is Associate Academic Dean.

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ROSS, Alan and Linda
Sending Agency: InterAct Ministries
Ministry: Alaska Freedom Journey |

InterAct Ministries exist to make disciples among the least-reached peoples. The Rosses bring healing to the Kenaitze people in Alaska with the “Hearts Going Towards Wellness” program.

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SMITH, Norm & Michelle
Serving EUROPE (Based in Canada)
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)
Ministry: ReachGlobal SERVEurope |

Wanting the gospel proclaimed in Europe, Norm works with the SERVEurope Service Team, organizing activities that support 200 missionaries and their families across the continent.

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