The Bible tells us that everything we have is a gift from God (1 Chronicles 29:12-16). We give a portion back to God as an expression of worship and gratitude, and to align ourselves with His work in our community and the world. Your giving supports the every-day work of the church, ministries serving people in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta, and global missions around the world.

General Fund

Giving to the General Fund covers the day-to-day costs of ministry. It enables weekly ministries and special events, as well as staffing, facility costs and maintenance, community outreach, and support for local and global missions.

Building Expansion Fund

Any monies designated to the building fund will be directed to principal pay-down until the next capital project.

Ways to give:

  • By cash or cheque during any worship service.
  • E-transfers may be sent to Please contact our bookkeeper, Natalie vanSchothorst about the password you will be using. (329.3125)
  • Online using your credit card.
  • By monthly automatic withdrawal on the 21st of each month. To set up automatic withdrawal, submit this form with a void cheque, at the office or Info Centre, marked “Attn: Cindy”.
  • With your debit card at the Interac terminal in the lobby. Submit one copy of the receipt in the box provided and be sure to include your contact information if you would like a tax receipt.
  • For any other form of payment (planned giving, etc.) please contact Cindy Smith.

Numbered Offering Envelope Sets

Giving regularly is easy with a personalized set of numbered offering envelopes. Using personalized envelopes saves you the trouble of including your contact info with every donation and significantly reduces our processing time of each gift. If you make E-Free your church home and intend to give regularly, please request a set of envelopes from the office.

When giving online, please designate your donation to one of the following:
-General Fund,
-Building Fund, or
-approved designated fund.
If you are making a registration payment, please specify which ministry event you are paying for.
**If not specified, funds will be allocated to the general fund.**

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery Card forms of payment. Visa, Mastercard and Discovery logosAll payments made are in Canadian Funds. To view our terms of service, click here.