Feb 1: Psalms

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The book of Psalms is a collection of Songs written by King David and others.

You might think that all Psalms sing praise to God, but if you look closely the writer’s of the Psalms express happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow, praise and anger.

As we read the Psalms we learn that it is okay to express all emotions to God.



1. He created us so he knows us.

2. God sent His son Jesus to the earth and Jesus experienced all kinds of emotions just like us.

Rather than trying to deal with our emotions by ourselves, it makes God really happy when we tell Him how we are feeling and allow Him to help us through tough times and give Him praise for the good times too. This helps us to grow in our relationship with God.

1. Read these Psalms and thinkĀ about what they tell you about
a. God
b. yourself

2. Find a Psalm that is happy, praising God, or joyful

3. Find a Psalm that is sad, angry, or about frustration

4. Try writing a psalm of your own. Write as if you are talking to God.
a. Tell him about your emotions
b. tell Him what you think about him
c. remind him about his promises and ask to to be true to his promises

Many songs have been written about the Psalms sometimes word for word right out of a chapter of Psalms. How many songs can you find that are inspired by the Psalms?

As you go about your week….

….look for ways that God’s power or his character are shown in people, places, or situations and thank Him for it.

….look for situations or people who need to experience God’s power in their lives and pray for them.

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