Jesus knew how important water was to life. So, when he calls himself The Living Water he is making a very specific claim about himself: only he can truly satisfy the thirsts and cravings of our soul.

H2O is a seven session, small group discussion based video curriculum that explores what Jesus said about himself and who he is. These groups are safe place to ask your questions, share your opinions, and even raise your objections about Jesus and what it means to follow him. If your soul is thirsty, you owe it to yourself to consider what Jesus claimed about himself.

We have options for onsite, offsite and online classes.  Click the button below for more details.

We are still looking for people to help facilitate these groups. All materials and training will be provided. If you’re interested, please email Jeremy.light@efreelethbridge.ca

H20 On-site
Day: Monday evenings, 7PM
Location: Room 150, church campus
Start: January 17
End: Feb 28
Notes: Health orders currently require all participants to wear masks and practice physical distancing while in the building.

H2O Off-site
Day: Monday evenings, 7PM
Location: Sisters Pub
Start: January 17
End: Feb 28
Notes: The restaurant will be participating in the vaccine restriction exemption program. Proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test will be required.

H2O On-line
Day: Wednesday evening, 7:30PM
Location: Online, via Zoom
Start: January 19
End: March 2