December 18: Jesus was Born

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Dear Parents,

Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project® for Kids. Last unit, kids learned about God’s plan for John the Baptist, the forerunner of the Savior. Over the next six weeks, kids will learn that God’s plan of redemption is Jesus. Today’s Bible story is about Jesus’ birth. The story of Jesus’ birth is usually told in December, although we do not truly know Jesus’ actual birth date. Sometimes the story of Jesus’ birth gets lost in the shuffle of Christmas lists, familiar carols, and trips to Grandma’s house. This time, though, we can focus on the details of God’s plan to send Jesus to save mankind from sin.

The first Christmas did not take place on a special holiday. In fact, the only real news at that time was that Caesar Augustus had demanded a census to collect more tax revenues. Because of the census, Bethlehem was packed. Joseph—a descendant of King David—and his pregnant wife could not find a place to stay. Mary desperately needed a place to stay—the Savior was ready to be born! An innkeeper let the couple stay in a stable, and Mary gave birth to the King of kings and placed Him in a feeding trough.

Not far from Bethlehem, shepherds were watching their sheep at night. Little did they know, the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world was resting in a manger nearby. When the angel appeared, they were terrified! Thankfully the angel gave the best news: the Messiah was born. They could find Him in Bethlehem. (See Luke 2:10-11.) They hurried to find the Savior, just as the angel had told them. After they found Baby Jesus, they returned home, praising God and telling others about Jesus.

The Bible says Mary wondered about all of these things and treasured them in her heart. Do you think the shepherds may have done the same? The birth of Jesus was good news! Jesus was not an ordinary baby. He is God’s Son, sent to earth from heaven. Jesus came into the world to save people from their sins and to be their King.

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