Dec 7: Jesus is Born

Posted on: December 3rd, 2014 by Admin Admin

Christ Connection: The birth of Jesus was good news! Jesus was not an ordinary baby.  He was God’s son, sent to earth from heaven. Jesus came into the world to save people from their sins and to bring about the beginning of God’s kingdom on earth!

Watch the bible story video here:

Find Luke together in your bibles.

  1. Read the story found in Luke 2:1-20.
  2. Summarize the story in your own words.
  3. Then find in Luke’s account of Jesus birth
    1. The time came for Mary to have her baby.
    2. The angels said, “Glory to God in the highest!”
    3. The shepherds found Mary, Joseph and the baby.
    4. Joseph was part of David’s family.
    5. Mary wrapped Jesus snuggly in cloth
    6. Caesar Augustus ordered everyone to be registered.
    7. The angel told the shepherds to not be afraid.
  4. Talk about how the story of Jesus birth has significance for us today.

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