3 Current Conversations – Join In!

Posted on: July 26th, 2017 by Christy Jansma

There are currently three items under discussion by the Board for you to be aware of. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts on any of the following:

1. The “Missional” Conversation 

This is a conversation around the question of whether our historical view of missions is the same as the future view. How is God calling us to communicate His good news to our culture and the world today?

As a church we are committed to “making disciples of Jesus Christ”. However, making disciples cannot be lived out in isolation. It is inconceivable to make disciples who are not “on mission”. While in most of our experiences discipleship and missions are separate functions, we are challenging that assumption and exploring what it means for how we live and how we do church.

2. Governance Review

A committee will be established to audit our current practice of governance. Mark Orenstein has been tasked with forming the committee, including three members, with the aim of reporting back at the next Members Meeting on November 6. Questions and comments may be forwarded to Mark at; 403.929.0113.

3. Board Composition / Women in Leadership

At the May Members Meeting, the Board invited the church into conversation around the composition of the Board, including a notice of a future motion that would allow the Nominating Committee to bring forward the names of women qualified to serve.

There are two Town Hall Meetings planned for Monday, August 28 and Monday, September 25 (7 pm, Kids Zone Centre). These meetings are intended to provide more information and bring clarity the Board’s current position, as well as provide a forum for discussion.  Questions submitted to will form the basis of this meeting. The same information will be presented at both meetings, acknowledging that there will be slight differences based on the interaction of those in attendance.


Board Members for August 2017–July 2018

Rich Thiessen
Dwight Fritzler
Nick Korver
Ian Lawson
Dennis Lindskog
Mark Orenstein
Paul Pharo
Blaine Stodolka
Grant Walker

Treasurer: Sheila Friesen
Recording Secretary: Cindy Smith
Staff Liaison: Jeremy Light

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