Brian & Eveleen Bute

Diriamba, Carazo, NICARAGUA

Ministry: Enruta
Sending Agency: Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM)

Nicaragua is the second-poorest economy in the Western Hemisphere and the Butes launched Enruta, which works in partnership with local churches to engage, equip, and empower believers who are gifted for leadership. They help these leaders embrace their God-Given role of furthering the Kingdom of God in their communities and globally, improving economic, spiritual and social conditions in their communities in the process.

Enruta has two strategic focuses:

1) Helping Nicaraguan entrepreneurs develop Businesses-as-Missions, putting Christ and the gospel first so that they can be ambassadors for Jesus through their work;

2) Empowering communities and individuals who are seeking truth so that they can be reconciled to God and, in turn, begin to mend broken relationships that are at the root of poverty.

Brian is the Executive Director of Enruta, giving overall leadership to the ministry, and Eveleen is the Communications Manager, sharing the story of Enruta through social media and newsletters.  This work has grown to encompass five regions and approximately 100 churches in the country.

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Birthdays: Brian (January 9), Eveleen (November 11)
Anniversary: May 23