Nov 2: David was anointed & fought Goliath

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David was the youngest of eight sons. After God had rejected Saul as king, God sent Samuel to find the next king of Israel. God directed Samuel to anoint David as the next king. Soon David was taking food to his brothers and ran across a battle line with a giant named Goliath. David took five smooth stones—and the power of the one and only God—and defeated the giant in the name of the Lord! God gave David the power to kill the giant and free the Israelites from the Philistine oppression. David is a reminder to us of Jesus, who came to save us from our greatest enemies: sin and death. Jesus provides not only salvation, but also grants us eternal life.

Session Title: David Was Anointed and Fought Goliath

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 16-17

Big Picture Question: Who gave David power to defeat Goliath?

A: God gave David power to defeat Goliath

Key Passage: Psalm 51:10

Unit Christ Connections: God provided the first kings to rule His people Israel; Christ, the final King, rules over all people as Savior. Through Davids family, God sent Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Discussion Questions:

Q: What could the Israelites gain or lose in the fight with Goliath?

Q:Why didn’t any of the Israelites want to fight Goliath?

Q:Why was David at the battlefield?

Q:Why was David’s oldest brother angry with him when he heard David asking about Goliath?

Q: Why do you think David was so assured that God would help him beat Goliath?

Q: What was the result of God’s victory through David?

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