Jan 28 2018 Update (It’s a long one!!!)

Posted on: January 28th, 2018 by Graham Reimer

Hey everyone!

What a fun month for us as a search committee! The hours were heavy, but the joy received makes all the effort worth it. God has provided us lots of strength, peace and patience over the last 3 months and we continue to covet your prayers. Thank you so much for journeying with us.

Since our January 4th update we had:

-Two more meetings as a committee since Jan 4th (This month we met Jan 4th, Jan 18 and 25th)

-3 full days of staff interviews in the middle of January. These meetings were a blast for us as a search committee as we got to hear from the hearts and minds of our amazing staff. These interviews along with the congregational online survey, are key pieces to the research we are doing as we develop the Job Description for our new lead pastor. (These are all confidential interviews and not released to any staff member. Only Board and committee).

–  Creation and completion of the Congregational Survey which you all should now have.  Please provide your insight, opinion and brilliance on these surveys. We are very excited to have the data gathered by Feb 11th and start to wrestle through the results. Thank you for making time for this. (These are all confidential surveys and not released to any staff member. Only Board and committee). UPDATE: The Survey is now closed.

Today is a very special and yet strange day for all of us. It is the final message that Ian will be giving as lead pastor at Efree Lethbridge. Special because we celebrate 20 years of leadership and shepherding us as a congregation. Yet strange because as we celebrate, there is a mourning as we say goodbye to our lead pastor and friend. We love you Ian!

We thought it would be appropriate to answer a couple key questions that may start to pop up in the days and weeks ahead. We hope these are helpful and please feel free to share with those that do not follow the blog or have had time to read it. This keeps us all on the same page and journeying as one tightly knit family:

-“Gap”. There will be a gap in time between Ian’s departure and our next lead pastors arrival. We have read books and blogs and interviews from across North America on how to journey well in this next phase as a church. It is a healthy time for us as a church and Efree staff to have a gap time between one pastor and the next. How long? We don’t know. Only God knows. We will be carrying forward with our mandate from the Efree Board to search for our next lead pastor (internally and externally), but ultimately will not rush this process. We will operate in God’s timing and continue our process as we have done so far pursuing the finish line.

-Who’s leading then? Great question! It honestly is. Our staff is well equipped, wise, Godly, strong, and ready to operate well in the days ahead. They are prepared for this “gap” period and will do amazing.

– How many resumes do you have already? None! Big ol’ donut and that is by design. We do not have a formal job description created yet. That work has just been started this month of January as the surveys and research is finishing up. We will not be writing out the job description for the Board’s approval until the congregational survey is done and we have summarized all the staff interviews we did. We will then compile all this data and submit this to the board for final approval.

– The Board. The previous point leads perfectly to this one. This is the board’s hire to make. We as a search committee have been selected and tasked with the job to research, create a job description, and then find excellent candidates for that position. The board will then do final interviews with the candidate(s) and make the final decision. Please continue to pray for us and the board in the months ahead.

– Serving as a body. Now is such a critical and yet beautiful time for us as a congregation to be the body of Christ and live out John 13:31-38. Let us love each other well and seek out ways to love personally, practically and productively. Let’s encourage our staff, let’s encourage our board, let’s encourage each other and show the rest of the world how love for one another can look. This excites us!

Thank you once again for journeying and praying with us.

Until next time, Godspeed.

Search Committee.



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